Garage   Floor   Coatings

With a Crete Coating floor system we will turn your spalled, cracked and stained floor into a show room finish that adds value to your home. With your new floor you'll have a garage to be proud of and one you'll definitely want to show off! If you have a new floor, don't let it get dirty or cracked! Be sure to coat your floor and protect the look you'll love. Our coatings protect from oil, chemicals, salt, tire marks and gasoline.

Maintaining your coated garage floor is easier than any other floor. Simiply wash or mop the floor and dirt comes right off. There are no special chemicals or cleaners needed! Spils can simply be wiped up and dirt just washed away.

Before   &   After

Epoxy   Floor   Samples

Our floor coating products come in all colors, so call us for more details. When we come to give an estimate we will bring samples of every color and texture. A few fleck samples are below.


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